Hortrac is a cloud based, mobile and tablet friendly, business intelligence system that captures costs, revenue and other key data based on a primary producers business as a whole. From the cost of the individual seed per hectare, the individual labour unit of each task required to produce and harvest each crop, to the end sales value for each product produced, Hortrac enables the producer to capture and analyse them all.

Why Hortrac?

Hortrac was created out of a necessity to be able to capture information in the most efficient manner possible, so that horticultural businesses can make informed decisions about the products they are producing and their farming practices. In an environment of eroding margins and increasing regulatory burden, developing process efficiencies, understanding all production inputs and the ability to establish true product P & L’s can be the key element that sets a business ahead of its competitor’s.

Two men using Hortrac on a tablet device
Hortrac allows you to:
Hortrac on a tablet device

Manage pre-harvest agrichemical, fertiliser & mineral component costs plus field preparation tasks such as ploughing, cultivation, planting and sowing costs.

  • Enable the producer to understand the cost associated with producing each crop
  • Meet the increasing reporting burden required by both local body regulators and industry accreditation schemes
  • NZ GAP and WQA credited traceability system

Understand and control the costs associated with the harvest processes to enable maximum efficiency and yield.

  • Capture and analyse the time taken to harvest each crop
  • Monitor the yield per paddock or crop number
  • Establish the most efficient and profitable harvesting process possible
A female employee working in a field using Hortrac on a tablet device

Post-harvest Hortrac manages the complete picking, packing and shipping process saving you time and money.

  • Tracks stock and provides clear picking instructions
  • Allows staff to accurately and efficiently meet customer orders
  • Reconcile case and freight accounts in a fraction of the time saving time and money
  • These savings alone far exceed the Hortrac subscription fee

Capture orders and understand your sales

  • Easy-to-use web based ordering system that enables customers (marketing reps) to accurately place orders directly into the Hortrac system
  • Compare revenue to costs of production on crops and paddocks making it easy to understand probability
  • Reconcile daily sales - run unpaid sales and discrepancy reports.
  • Gives growers 100% confidence that they’ve being paid for the product dispatched.

Full farm management system increasing overall efficiency

  • Produce job sheets to instruct staff
  • Capture recommendations from crop scouts
  • Automatically produce freight documentation
  • Monitor time taken by staff to complete tasks
  • Capture water and fertiliser usage
  • Complete audit trail
  • Multiple reporting functions including market on market reports, product sales year on year and more...

Simple and easy-to-use

  • Set-up assistance provided by an expert
  • Minimal training required
  • Ongoing IT and phone support


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Hortrac’s web based system has assisted us in forward planning our customer’s transportation requirements 24/7. Information access has allowed efficient utilisation of equipment to move the daily outwards volumes. I highly recommend this system.

Craig Roddick, Manager, Freight Lines

The ability of in-house maintenance, without the constant need for expensive technical assistance is a great advantage of the Hortrac System. We have also found having this information at our fingertips has given us the ability to better track and reconcile materials, produce and costs.

Peter Bone, Senior Adminstrator, Kapiti Green

We've been using Hortrac for 6 months now and we love it. Keeping track of everything is so easy. Administration time and issues we traditionally encounter having two farms and a single office have reduced significantly. The reports generated are comprehensive and have minimised the paperwork required.

Bella Huddlestone, Office Manager, Scottfresh Ltd
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