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Customer Feedback

Oh my goodness Woodhaven Gardens.Awaiting me on returning home today was a box of the most wonderful produce from you ( and all I did was say how much I loved your spinach!) Thankyou SO very much.

Truly appreciated- and produce shared whilst crisp and fresh with a couple of neighbours where I know the budget is tight. One friend is going to make her delicious sauerkraut with the cabbage- to share with me!

When I see the variety of produce someone with Woodhaven may be interested in the following…

*Chelsea Winters recipe for Mean Green Soup- vegan version. An absolute winner and definitely Woodhaven.


* I’ve also embarked on a new eating pattern from the book “The Plant Paradox”,  Dr Steven Gundry MD who is

a renowned cardiologist and surgeon. He advocates eating only from such as Woodhaven’s menu to heal the gut, reduce inflammation and eliminate serious health conditions. Ive had amazing results. Would strongly recommend some knowledge from this work for your marketing.


And thank you again so much. I’ll need to meet the challenge of using the fennel bulbs- a new one for me!

Warm regards


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